Pilates Principle: FLOW

Practicing Pilates correctly often looks highly skillful and effortless.  For a beginner, it might seem intimidating.  Despite the level, from beginning to advanced, there should be flow.  Flow means striving for a smooth, controlled and precise movement.  A highly skilled athlete, runner, or performer will make what they are doing look easy.  The level of efficiency of their movement is impressive.  Are they working hard?  Absolutely.  However, most often an observer cannot tell.  Performing an exercise with flow is a way to challenge the body.  This begins with the breathe.  Breathing guides the movement, creating a sense of flowing energy that is a unique and enjoyable aspect of Pilates.  We move with the breath.  The inhale transitions into the exhale and the movement follows along.  I like to think of the breathe as the conductor or the guide to flow of movement.  It is one of the many things that makes Pilates so much fun.  Moving the body can vary much like music.  Sometimes  it is slow and deliberate.   Other times fast and pulsing or smooth and continuous.  We love varying the flow throughout class.  It keeps the mind and the body challenged!